Free Fruit Vector:

Looking for free fruit vector art? On this page you will find the latest fruit vectors.

Free Green Apple Vector file (375.1 KB)

Free Green Apple Vector

A Beautiful Green free apple illustration vector, with a green leaf isolated on a white ...

Simple Banana Vector file (108.2 KB)

Free Simple Banana Vector

This is a vector with two neon colorful banana icon vectors. These are only outline ...

Realistic Apricot Vector file (1.4 MB)

Free Realistic Apricot Vector

I made this new free realistic apricot vector illustration and I wanted to share it ...

Free Vector Apple file (151.8 KB)

Free Vector Apple

Today’s freebie is a cute little free vector apple. This red apple vector can be ...

Tomato Vector Slice file (123.0 KB)

Free Tomato Vector Slice

It's summer! Doesn't that make you want to stuff yourself with tomatoes? Well now you ...

Free Orange Vector Icon file (126.1 KB)

Free Orange Vector Icon

Yum! Just in time for spring, we're introducing the new Free Orange Vector Icon! This ...

Cartoon Watermelon Ai file (543.7 KB)

Free Cartoon Watermelon

We have a very hot summer this year. This smiling watermelon will cheer you up. ...

Free Vector Fruit Ai file (2.5 MB)

Free Vector Fruit

5 Beautiful Free Vector Fruit Icons in this set, design by, Format:AI strawberries Bananas ...

3 Free Vector Icy Fruits PDF file (729.7 KB)

3 Free Vector Icy Fruits

3 Free Icy Fruits with a nice web 2.0 look that you can use on ...

Cartoonish Fruits Vector Adobe Illustrator .ai file (119.2 KB)

Free Cartoonish Fruits Vector

Cartoon like fruit illustrations. Orange, banana, pineapple, lemon and strawberry This vector art is under ...

Tasty Strawberries Adobe Illustrator .ai file (207.3 KB)

Free Tasty Strawberries

Strawberry. A detailed illustration of strawberries. Brought to you by Vector Open Stock.

Vector Cherry Adobe Illustrator .ai file (902.0 KB)

Free Vector Cherry

You can download my gradient mesh cherry and use as you wish (both for your ...