Seigaiha Seamless Pattern Ai, EPS file (3.7 MB)

Free Seigaiha Seamless Pattern

Seigaiha it literally means the wave of blue sea. It’s a wavy pattern that consists ...

Punk Rock Pattern EPS file (197.9 KB)

Free Punk Rock Pattern

Trendy seamless pattern. Great for skateboard or T-shirt designs.

Fuchsia Patterns Adobe Illustrator .ai file (933.6 KB)

Free Fuchsia Patterns

A pack of fuchsias-inspired patterns for Illustrator. Nine in set (for your convenience also on ...

Pumpkin Patterns Adobe Illustrator .ai file (2.3 MB)

Free Pumpkin Patterns

12 great Halloween pattern swatches I included the patterns on transparent background so that you ...

2 Foolish Pattern Pack EPS file (5.7 MB)

Free 2 Foolish Pattern Pack

A collection on 10 seamless vector patterns. Visit for more resources, inspiration, and fun ...

Imperial Leaf Pattern Adobe Illustrator .ai +PNG file (7.9 MB)

Free Imperial Leaf Pattern

This is my first seamless pattern, entitled Imperial Leaf. It is inspired by a lot ...

Celtic ornament EPS, SVG, DWG file (3.0 MB)

Free Celtic ornament

Hand traced (smooth b-spline curves) - It’s free to use it in personal or commercial ...

Forget me not pattern Adobe Illustrator .ai file (8.0 MB)

Free Forget me not pattern

A bit chaotic (as forget-me-nots naturally are) but seamless, believe me, Adobe Illustrator pattern swatches. ...

Very flowery Ai free patterns Adobe Illustrator .ai file (7.2 MB)

Very flowery Ai free patterns

Today something that I prepared quickly and on the basis of my hibiscus flowers illustration.Illustrator ...